Flat Rate Terms & Ordering Tips

Flat rate charges include the following: 

  • 10 days of container usage.  Call at least 48 hours in advance if extra time is needed, if we are unable to reach you to confirm pickup at 10 days, your box may be picked up 10 days from delivery OR you may be charged for extra days.
  • ONE delivery and pickup – each empty box begins a new charge
  • Up to 14 tons of disposal (5 tons for 10-yard and 15-yard Handi-can containers)

Things you may be billed extra for:

  • Container usage after 10 days of no dump activity (see rates below)
    • Extra container usage fees:
      • 10 yard Handi-can – $4 per day
      • 15 yard container – $5 per day
      • 20 yard container – $6 per day
      • 30 yard container – $8 per day
  • $28.50 per ton for any tonnage over 14 tons (5 tons for 10-yard and 15-yard Handi-can containers)
  • Trip fee of $125 or more if your box is overloaded, unaccessible or unable to be hauled for any reason.
  • Unacceptable items in the container (see list below)

Unacceptable items include, but are not limited to:

Household garbage, fluorescent bulbs, items containing lead based paint, asbestos, tires, batteries, paint cans, insecticide containers, railroad ties, telephone poles, appliances, electronics, chemical products, mattresses, box springs, and televisions. Please call if you have a questionable item or see our list of Special Waste Items.

How to load your container:

  • When loading your container, be aware that materials should not be loaded above the marked line on your container. We must be able to cover the load with a tarp and transport the box without items falling off and causing a hazard on the highway. Loads must not exceed legal limits required by law.
  • If you have questions about the weight or type of material that will be going into your container, please discuss this with our customer service department prior to ordering.
  • If you know when you will need your box picked up, please let us know and we will schedule that for you when you place your order.
  • 10 and 15-yard containers are for light weight material only. Please call our office with any questions about this.