How it Works

Construction and Demolition Recycling Process

Pascon enables those contractors who have limited space on their job to still achieve their recycling goals without having multiple containers on site for separation. All materials can be placed into one container and and then hauled to a local recycling facility for separation. Many of our manufacturing customers enjoy the convenience of this type of recycling as well.

Step 1: Weigh

Each load is weighed upon entry.

Step 2: Sort

Each load is then dumped, analyzed and sorted into separate types of material.

Step 3: Recycle

The segregated materials are then processed into materials that can be reused in a different form or they are packaged and shipped to specialized recyclers. Any non recyclable material is separated and sent to the landfill.

Step 4: Report

Throughout this process, data is being gathered and entered into our system to be included on each customer’s customized recycling reports. For customers participating in LEED projects, or just working to reach sustainability or green building goals, we provide detailed reports outlining how much and what type of materials were recycled from your job site or facility. Click here to learn more about LEED Recycling.