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LEED Recycling

LEED Recycling

LEED Certification

LEED Recycling and LEED Certification

Pascon is experienced in the process of LEED Recycling. The primary mission of Pascon’s recycling facility is to help  your business achieve the highest level of diversion, while making it as convenient and cost effective as possible. That is why Pascon invests in the most powerful processing technology and material recovery systems. This allows our customers to enjoy the convenience of mixed or co-mingled recycling when job space is limited. All materials can be placed into one container and brought back to our facility to be separated and recycled ( See How it Works). We provide detailed reports outlining the type and amount of materials that were recycled from your job site or facility.  Our LEED specialist can assist you with devising a waste plan to reach your diversion goals.

We are honored to have worked with contractors on many local LEED projects, including multiple projects at the University of South Carolina, and to have been instrumental in helping them to achieve their top LEED ratings.

Pascon also has extensive experience with some of the largest industries in the state in helping them reach their goal of recycling as much of their plant waste as possible. Our recycling reports can be a valuable tool in tracking your sustainability efforts. Contact us to get started developing a plan that works for you.