Hood Construction Company

To Whom it May Concern:

Please consider this a reference for Pascon Roll-Off Container services.

I have had the pleasure of working with Pascon for many years and have enjoyed an immensely positive relationship with them during this time. Their willing attitude, commitment to quality,safety, and timeliness has been much appreciated, as has their commitment to our goals with our in-house recycling initiative.

As part of the Hood Recycling Initiative, Pascon ensures that total tonnage of materials is tracked and categorized by material type — asphalt, brick, cardboard, concrete, dirt/sand, metal, paper, plastic, PVC, rubber, sheetrock, and wood are all materials which are tracked, weighed and reported. Through this effort, we have been successful in diverting over 87% of construction waste from landfills and were awarded as the Keep the Midlands Beautiful Green Large Business of the Year. Because Pascon works so closely with all Hood team members on this effort, we were able to achieve this goal and hope to only be able to divert more waste from landfills in the future.

In addition to Pascon’s help with our Recycling Initiative, our Project Managers, Superintendents, and Project Coordinators have all commented on how responsive and professional the staff at Pascon are, as well as their willingness to work with each project’s schedule. It is never an issue to have a dumpster pulled at any of our jobsites — when time is of the essence this is invaluable.

As a tenured member of the construction community, I can confidently recommend Pascon Roll-Off Container Services as a reliable and professional provider.


Dean Wilson
Vice President, Construction Management
Hood Construction Company
June 2, 2015